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Insurance Check

To ensure that you and your family are able to fully focus on the growth and learning of their child, we handle insurance and benefit checks for the family. We begin the process with an initial consultation; going over your specific needs and your insurance information. We communicate any resources that may be available to you and your child, the status of your insurance coverage, and if there are any additional costs involved.


An initial comprehensive behavioral assessment will be conducted by a BCBA to understand the causes behind your child’s behaviors and reactions. Based on the evaluation, the dedicated BCBA will work together with an assigned ABA Therapist to create an individualized treatment plan. This plan will include specific research-based ABA techniques and strategies as well as long-term and short-term goals. Further assessments are administered to track progress over time. To maximize your child’s success, we directly observe your child’s performance and gather feedback from teachers, therapists, and caregivers to gauge treatment effectiveness and to incorporate any necessary changes to your child’s plan of care.

One-to-one Therapy

Autism is a condition that is just as diverse as the individuals who have it. Your child’s needs are not going to be exactly the same as another child’s. One-to-one therapy means that the needs of your children are directly addressed. With the therapists, you can work together to create a plan that makes sense and that focuses on the direction that your kids are heading in. Also, this level of attention can help your kids to prosper. Instead of feeling lost in a group of others, they can receive direct assistance.

ABA Parent Training

Parental insight and support play a critical role in every child’s success. In order for ABA Therapy services to be wide-ranging, a great emphasis is placed on educating and training family members and caregivers. We train caregivers on appropriate ways to handle any challenges they may face. Our methods are far more effective if they are consistently implemented by all those involved in your child’s care. For this reason, we have separate educational sessions with the parents themselves. We also invite parents, family, and at-home caregivers to be part of the ABA therapy sessions. This will enable us to give proper insight and training on how to navigate challenges that might occur when we are not present.

Behavior Intervention Plans

Behavioral Intervention Plans are not unique to autism treatments, but we find that they are quite useful for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The purpose of a BIP is to create steps that teachers or other staff at the child’s school can follow to stop behaviors deemed disruptive or inappropriate. Potential issues can include acting non-responsive or withdrawn, disrupting the class, becoming aggressive, refusing to do classwork, or using inappropriate language.

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